Data on Quebec's biodiversity

Inventory of field datasets on Quebec's biodiversity

Science citoyenne et biodiversité au Québec

Liste de projets de science citoyenne en lien avec la biodiversité au Québec.

Trees of Quebec City

Interactive map of the trees of Quebec City.

Public trees of Montreal

Interactive map of the public trees of Montreal.

Northern Biodiversity

Citizen science project in Canada's great North!

Bat Watch!

Citizen science projet to locate bat colonies and monitor populations in Canada.

Inventory of biodiversity monitoring projects in Québec

List and description of biodiversity monitoring programs in Québec.

Nests in your backyard!

Citizen science project involving elementary school kids of the Rimouski region.

BAM! Biodiversity Article Mapper

The Biodiversity Articles Mapper is an interactive tool mapping geo-located scientific articles that mention animal names in Québec.

Biodiversity, ecosystem services and businesses

Tool to assess the interdependencies between businesses and biodiversity.